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Whitsunday Day Trips

Whitsunday Day Trips are the perfect way to visit the Whitsundays Islands. These day tours are mostly fast-paced boats that maximize your day on the water. Each trip is slightly different, but most tick off the two big wants for any holidaymaker, Whitehaven Beach and snorkeling the coral around the islands.

When choosing your Whitsunday Day Trips, there are specific factors that you need to take into consideration.

  1. Price of the tour
  2. What the tour includes
  3. departure and return times
  4. Where does the trip go

Let us answer these Whitsunday Day Trips Questions

Cost of the tour – Pricing is always an essential factor in choosing any tour; you want value for your money. Most trips range from $150 to $200 for an adult and $105 to $125 for a child; there are family packages available on most tours as well. There is an opportunity to pay $105 -$115 for an adult with ZigZag Whitsundays, but you will need to book one of the first 12 seats on tour.

What the tour includes – This is where some Whitsundays day tours differ from each other .some trips include lunch and a wetsuit in the price, some have them as optional extras. All tours include a mask and snorkel. Make sure you read what the trip consists of, this way you will be prepared for the day.

Departure and Return Times – This is extremely important if you are flying or catching a bus the same day as the tour. Some tours depart as early as 8 am while others leave around 10 am. Return times vary between 3.30pm to 5.30pm. The return times can vary by 20 minutes depending on the wind and tides that day.

Where does the tour go – The most important answer! Well once again it varies… so let us list the most popular place a day trip from Airlie beach goes. Please note a day trip goes to around 3 locations in a day, this is just a list of favorite locations you will not visit all of these

  • Hill Inlet Lookout Whitehaven Beach North End at Bettys Beach
  • South Whitehaven Beach, spend all your allocated time on the beach
  • Chalkies beach – excellent beach plus snorkel location
  • Langford spit – now has a walking track and look out
  • Nara inlet – aboriginal rock drawings
  • Boarder island – snorkel location
  • Whitsunday Island – multiple snorkel locations
  • Hook Island – numerous snorkel locations
  • Palm Bay Resort Long Island – only with ZigZag Whitsundays tour
  • Hayman Island – multiple snorkel locations

One other factor is if you are worried about seasickness if this is the case choose the fastest boat you can find. The ships like Big Fury and ZigZag Whitsundays have over 1000 horsepower. You will not get seasick in these fast boats, they ride the tops of the waves instead of rocking through them.
If you need help or have any questions about Whitsunday Day Trips use the live chat feature below and we will answer all your questions


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