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Whitsundays Snorkeling Information

Whitsundays Snorkeling on coral reefs are one of the highlights of any Airlie beach and Whitsunday holiday. Trips out to the islands are plentiful and can be booked right here with live availability. So whether its a day cruise or overnight sailing trip you will not be disappointed when you enter the warm waters of the coral sea and see the vast underwater life that surrounds this region.

The Best Ways To Snorkel The Islands

There are a few different ways to get to the Whitsunday Islands to snorkel the coral bays and swim with tropical fish.

  1. Day Tour – these normally include one or two snorkel locations plus a visit to Whitehaven Beach. See our range of day trips here
  2. Overnight Sailing Tours – A typical trip would include two or three different locations for snorkeling plus Whitehaven Beach. See our range of overnight tours here 
  3. Boat Hire – There are a few power boat companies that will hire you a fast boat for the day to get to the islands otherwise there is also yacht hire from a minimum of 3 days
  4. Your own boat – there are boat ramps at Abell Point Marina, Port of Airlie, Vmr and Shute Harbour

No matter how you get there you will find an amazing array of fish and corals on any Whitsundays Snorkeling Trip

Whitsundays Snorkel Locations

Right here we will give you some of the best locations to snorkel on offer in the Whitsunday Islands. These Locations can change due to tides and winds. Tides affect these locations in the way of water depth, large high tides can mean its deeper to the coral, and low tides can make some areas non-accessible. Winds can affect clarity and swell into a coral bay, northerly winds which happen mostly in summer can limit a fair few places. Light southerly winds will make sure you have a great day with clear waters
  • Mantaray Bay Hook Island
  • Luncheon Bay Hook Island
  • Blue Peral Bay Hayman Island
  • Chalkies Beach East End Hazelwood Island
  • Armit Island (Green Zone)
  • Butterfly Bay Hook Island
  • Cateran Bay Border Island
  • Saba Bay Hook Island
  • Caves Cove Hook Island
  • Bali Hi Black Island
  • The Pinnacles Hook Island
  • White Bay Hazelwood Island


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Visit The Whitsundays

Well Known for Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet lookout, The Whitsunday Islands are home to a diverse range of corals and tropical fish. Any Holiday to the region has to include some underwater time.

What you will see underwater

The Whitsundays has some amazing soft coral gardens. A lot of the good bays face North and are sheltered from the trademark south-east winds in the region. in some bays, the coral extends right up to the beach, and others have deeper rock formations covered in harder corals. You have a 100% chance of swimming with tropical fish that depend on the Great Barrier Reef coral to survive. If you are lucky you will see turtles and manta rays in their natural habitat.

If you are looking for a Whitsundays snorkeling tour see our range here