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Quick Information For This Tour

Product – Avatar Whitsundays 2 Day 2 Night Sailing Tour (46 hours)
Price Includes – All meals and snacks, fresh linen, boat bunk bed, snorkel equipment, wetsuit
Location – Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach QLD 4802
Type Of Boat – Sailing Trimaran (built to sail fast)
Boat Name – Avatar
Departure Time – 11:30am
Return Time – 9:30am (two days later)
Maximum Guests – 26
Boat Accommodation  – Dorm
Tour Locations – Whitsunday Islands, Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet Lookout, multiple snorkel locations.

Tip for this tour

This is the only overnight sailing trimaran in the region. Due to its popularity, you must book at least two months in advance during the busy season.

Are you looking for an overnight Sailing Tour that has a legendary social atmosphere and is not overcrowded? then check out Avatar Whitsundays.

This trimaran is a true sailing yacht and has been operating in the Whitsundays for 20 years. There is no other boat in the Whitsundays like it, with a trimaran hull (3 hulls) and large nets between the main hull and the outriggers, this is a one-of-a-kind adventure tour!

 This sailing trip is suitable for ages 18-35 who prefer a fun, relaxed atmosphere. What sets Avatar apart from all the other Whitsundays Tours, is its size. At 67 feet long and 54 feet wide, there is plenty of room to sun-bake on the comfortable nets and watch the Whitsundays sailing by.

With a professional fun crew and a yacht like a formula one racing car, you will have the time of your life on Avatar Whitsundays.

Avatar Whitsundays  Tour Detailed Information

Tour Highlights
  • Whitehaven Beach
  • Hill Inlet Lookout
  • Multiple Snorkel Locations
  • All Meals included
  • Comfortable, Sailing vessel
  • Fast Trimaran
  • The only sailing yacht where you can lye on nets and watch the water flow by under you.
  • Only 26 guests, no large crowds and plenty of space.
  •  Environmentally friendly eco-certified tour.
Is This Tour Suitable For You?

This Sailing Tour is perfect for ages between 18 to 35. 
This is a fun social tour with dorm share accommodation. Snorkelling requires a low -medium level of fitness.

Tour Departure Point Map
Tour Video
Whitehaven Beach

Avatar Whitsundays Tour visits Whitehaven Beach for around 2 hours. During this time you embark on a bush-walk from Tongue Point (northern end of Whitehaven), this walk takes around 15 minutes, once at the top you will experience Whitehaven Beach above on the viewing platform. This breathtaking view from here lets you see all 7 km of the beach as well as the world-famous swirling sands that form the inlet


During your 2 day tour, you will get at least 3 opportunities to snorkel the coral-filled bays on the coastal fringes of the islands. Here you can see turtles, Maori wrasse, batfish, parrot fish, clown fish (Nemo) plus plenty more! in most bays, the coral starts close to shore and is easily accessible by the small tender boats. For the nonconfident swimmers, there are noodles and flotation devices available for safety.

Learn To Sail

The crew are more than happy to teach you the basics of sailing. Get involved in helping the crew hoist the mainsail and headsail. The qualified team on board will give you lessons, and if you’re lucky you may get to stand at the helm and steer the boat towards your next destination. This is optional if you do not wish to participate you can just lie back and enjoy the ride.

What to bring and what's included.


None of our vessels has set itineraries, as we are dependent on weather and tidal conditions. When you board the boat, the
crew will sit down with you and go through information specific to the tour, as well as where you may be going in the coming


In a small soft bag (enviro safe), we suggest that you bring the following –
Light Clothing / Warm clothing in cooler months (May – September)
A water bottle
Sunscreen (30+ highly recommended)
Bath Towel and Beach Towel
Insect Repellent
Alcohol (no glass please) NO MORE THAN 24 cans of beer OR 4ltrs box wine (goon) OR 1ltr of spirits
Waterproof Camera/Film
All meals are included
Being an early departure Avatar Whitsundays will provide a light lunch on the first day. If you think the fresh air might make you extra hungry,
you may want to bring crisps, chocolates etc. as well as any other flavoured drink such as orange juice or coke.


Glass bottles or Red Wine
Sleeping bags or pillows
Passport, Travel Documents
Shampoo and Conditioner (Environmental Purposes)
Plastic Bags (They kill our wildlife and smother our coral!) – Goon is not a plastic bag!


Welcome to the tropics! Although our winters are unbeatable in terms of weather, our summers can be hot and wet. November –
March can be extremely hot and humid, especially downstairs on a boat. Unless you are accustomed to living in this climate, you
may find it slightly uncomfortable, especially at night when you are sleeping. Please be prepared for this


We provide tap water on all our vessels however it isn’t cold and some people don’t like the taste of it. During our summer
months, we strongly encourage you bring bottled water. We recommend 2 litres per day. Tea and Coffee breaks are generally in
the morning and afternoon.


If you are not quite sure whether or not, you may suffer from Travel Sickness please make sure that you are prepared. As our
trained crew will assist as much as possible in making you comfortable but they are not allowed to provide you with any
medication to help with the problem.


Mask, fins and snorkels are all included in the price of your trip and will be distributed on board.


Wearing a Lycra stinger suit will prevent UV exposure and significantly reduce your risk to marine stingers. OzSail requires that
all passengers wear a full length stinger suit or wetsuit (with hoods optional and recommended) if you wish to swim, snorkel and
or dive from our vessels.
You will be fitted for your Suit onboard the boat.

Terms and Conditions Of Travel

AP Vessel Management Pty Ltd ABN 45086439198 t/as OzSail Skippered Charter Yachts (OzSail ®) operates the vessels known as Spank Me, Avatar and Mandrake  (OzSail Vessels). The following terms and conditions apply to travel by you on any Ozsail Vessel .

All prices are shown in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST. Prices are valid from 1st April 2020.

All OzSail Vessel departures and itineraries are subject to weather and may be changed or cancelled at OzSail’s discretion. OzSail reserves the right to substitute vessels without notice at any time and for any reason.

OzSail reserves the right to cancel any trip, or reduce trip duration, in any circumstances, including those which pose a safety risk to you, the OzSail vessel or crew, such as severe weather, including cyclones.

If an OzSail trip is cancelled by OzSail prior to or on the scheduled departure date, you will be referred back to the travel agent through which you booked your trip on an OzSail Vessel.

If your trip duration is reduced during the trip due to Unforeseen Circumstances, you may be offered a future trip on an OzSail Vessel, at no cost to you, depending on the amount of time by which your original trip on an OzSail Vessel was reduced and, subject to availability. You acknowledge that “Unforseen Circumstances” includes but is not limited to the following; inclement weather, issues pertaining to the OzSail Vessel and any medical emergency, such as injury to guests or crew.

You acknowledge that if you cancel your travel on an OzSail Vessel less than 21 days before the trip departure date, this will result in the forfeiture by you of the full trip price.

If you request a transfer of a trip departure date up to at least 72 hours before the day of scheduled departure this will incur a $30 transfer fee. No Transfers will be accepted under this 72 hr. period

We recommend you take out travel insurance

You acknowledge that travel with, and the recreational services provided by, OzSail (such as all in water activities, sailing and bushwalking) involve risk, including in particular a risk of being stung or bitten by jellyfish and other marine creatures or native fauna. You are advised to wear a stinger suit at all times you are in the water.

Whilst we make every effort to safeguard our passengers travelling on OzSail Vessels, you acknowledge and agree that OzSail is not liable to you for personal injury, aggravation of any existing injury or condition, mental injury, contraction of any disease, loss (direct, indirect or consequential) or death (including but not limited to from jellyfish stings) resulting from the recreational services provided by OzSail, and OzSail hereby excludes absolutely all such liability to you.

Where the Competition and Consumer Act (CCA) consumer guarantees apply you also acknowledge and agree that the liability of OzSail for any breach of those consumer guarantees is excluded to the maximum extent possible under section 64A of the Australian Consumer Law and 139A of the CCA, where you are killed, injured (physically or mentally) or contract a disease, or an existing disease is aggravated, arising from your trip on an OzSail Vessel.

Your agreement with OzSail is subject to the laws of Queensland, Australia If any of these terms is unreasonable or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, it shall be severed and the remaining terms will not be affected in any way.

OzSail February 2022

Avatar Whitsundays And Ozsail Reviews On Google

Vicky Keeler
Vicky Keeler
09:49 19 Dec 22
Good crew, good food and of course incredible views and sailing. We were on the avatar for 3 days 2 nights. We had multiple snorkelling spots and love that you go to Whitehaven beach on Whitsundays island before any other boats early in the morning.It does get very hot in the sleeping quarters (recommend taking a hand held fan) or sleeping on deck under the stars if weather permits.Only feedback would be the experience could be enhanced with a few less people on the boat so sleeping arrangements aren’t as tight. But we had a fab time!
Silvia Petranca
Silvia Petranca
08:56 15 Aug 22
Not the best experience on board: we had a 2 days trip on a trimaran that is old and not very well kept. The skipper was a nice person and good but the big problem was the cook!!! That person was not a cook, very improvised person, and you need to know how to feed properly 27 persons mostly when they are young! The food was not enough and of poor quality. For sleeping all was very ‘border line’. It would have been nice to have on board some fresh drinks at disposal for us,not for free but paying for them, also some snacks maybe, or fruit. Dinner or lunch were one dish and that’s all folks! Not even some hot drink after….There are many things to fix still. Besides all this the places we’ve been where beautiful and we saw whales.
O Clech
O Clech
10:04 29 Jul 22
Great experience with a very nice crew! Anna Laura is a great captain, and we’ve enjoyed this short cruise a lot.Highly recommended!
Mackenzie Staffier
Mackenzie Staffier
04:25 02 Jun 22
i did the avatar Whitsundays two day two night trip. It was great. Sort of a camping-on-a-boat experience. You sleep in a Queen or double sized bunk (2 people to a bunk). The food was pretty good. Places we stopped are amazing. Our group was 25 people, mostly in their young or mid twenties, but there were five or so people in their 30s, too. Our skipper and crew/guides were fantastic: Laura, Kelly, Taylor.
Adrian Cole
Adrian Cole
10:13 19 May 22
Really good experience. The crew were really helpful from start to finish and done a good job with including the guests on helping with sailing the boat. Got lots of helpful information about history of the islands and the aquatic. Highly recommend
Mish Feldman (Mish Feldman)
Mish Feldman (Mish Feldman)
13:07 16 May 22
I had the best time on this trip 🙂 Michaela, Milga, and Zach were the most helpful and sweetest crew we could have ever asked for. The conditions were amazing, the other passengers were honestly perfect and it felt like the perfect getaway for my long weekend! I didn’t feel seasick at any point and the sunsets were unreal 💖💖💖💖
Vanessa Muchard
Vanessa Muchard
12:56 16 May 22
Had an amazing time on the Avatar 2 night cruise. The crew was wonderful, always checking in with the passengers if they needed anything and always up for a chat! Zach, Micheala, and Milga were the crew and I couldn’t have asked for better! Oh that the ladies made us delicious food, not just the standard sandwiches! 10/10 would recommend! Oh and obviously the whitsundays were amazing/wonderful/awesome to look at and explore!
12:54 16 May 22
Amazing tour on the Avatar boat. Spent 2 days roaming around the Whitsundays in perfect weather and sea with a great crew. Would have liked to spent another week on the boat with them! Would highly recommend!
brodie johnson
brodie johnson
11:40 19 Apr 22
Alex, Ethan and milga were all wonderful the service was lovely and food was delicious. The snorkeling spots we went to were stunning. the reefs were colourful, lively and beautiful. The fish where massive and in my face have never seen anything like it. They told us all the secret spots with the best views. Cannot recommended these guys enough
Nicole Kard
Nicole Kard
20:42 15 Jan 22
I would highly recommend Oz sail, have been out on many other day trips and this tops the lot. Friendly and knowledgeable crew, plenty of space on board , lots of time allowed of snorkelling, plenty of food, option there to have a drive and help set up the sails ⛵️ will be back again
Oliver Enriquez
Oliver Enriquez
23:40 29 Sep 21
Amazing trip out to the islands with Zak and Fraser. Extremely friendly and courteous to all your needs and requests. Even whipped out the guitar for a night out stargazing. Highly recommend!
Gautami Motupally
Gautami Motupally
00:30 19 Jul 21
Had an incredible time on the Avatar 2 night experience, saw a whale, turtles, heaps of fish and some sharks! The Whitehaven beach walk and lookout were stunning.Alex and Fraser were excellent hosts and always went above and beyond to give us an amazing experience.Vegan food was good and on par with the meat meals. Lots of food for all dietary requirements, you won't leave this boat famished.Would definitely recommend!
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