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Anaconda 3 Whitsundays Tour Information

This is the Biggest Whitsundays Tour available! Anaconda 3 Whitsundays is a 3 Day 3 Night Tour to the islands and Outer Great Barrier Reef . There is only a handful of overnight tours going to the outer reef and this is the best by far! The boat is 101 feet long making it a Mega Yacht! The accommodation has a mixture of private air conditioned rooms with en-suites and shared rooms as well, . There is the opportunity to try scuba diving and for the certified divers there is the opportunity to complete 6 dives including a night dive. The tour takes 32 guests and 6 crew including 2 Dive Instructors. This tour ticks of everything you want to see including the Whitsunday Islands, South Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet Look Out (Northern End) and The Outer Great Barrier Reef .

 Priced From $669.00 / 3 Days 3 Nights Sailing Holiday

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Anaconda 3 Whitsundays Tour Details

Departure and Return

This Tour Departs Abell Point Marina, Airlie Beach, every Tuesday and Friday at 7:00pm. and returns 3 days later at 2.00pm

Guest and Crew Numbers

Anaconda takes 32 guests and has 6 crew

Locations Visited

Whitehaven Beach including the famous Hill Inlet Lookout on the Northern End and also visits the southern end. Snorkel and Diving locations around the Whitsunday islands Plus the Outer Great Barrier Reef ( Bait Reef) this is one awesome location!

Included in the price

All meals, Linen, Snorkel Equipment, Dive Equipment.

Whitehaven Beach

Anaconda 3 Whitsundays Tour visits Whitehaven Beach Southern end for around 3 hours here you will get a free introduction to scuba diving in the shallow water. Then you will visit Hill Inlet Look Out. ,once at the top you will experience Whitehaven Beach above on the viewing platform . This breathtaking view from here lets you see all 7 km of the beach as well as the world famous swirling sands that form the inlet, You will have plenty of time to explore both ends of this magnificent beach.

Snorkeling and Diving The Reef

During your 3 day 3 night tour you will get ample opportunities to snorkel the coral filled bays on the coastal fringes of the islands plus the outer reef. Here you can see turtles, Maori rasse, bat fish, parrot fish , clown fish (nemo) plus plenty more! For the non confident swimmers there are noodles and flotation devices available for safety. Scuba Diving at the islands and Reef is available to pre purchase or buy on board but is dependent on any medical conditions. You may need to pass a dive medical before diving ,

Scuba Diving Prices

  • 1 Dive – $75
  • 2 Dives – $135
  • 3 Dives -$190
  • 4 Dives – $240
  • 5 Dives – $265
  • If you wish to pre book dives before the tour you around $5 to $10 per dive depending on the package – Pre dives are sold by contacting the reservations staff at the company
  Use This Button To Make Your Booking Enquiry


Once we have received your booking enquiry we will check availability and get back to you as soon as possible, we are online between 8am and 7pm daily

You can also contact us 0415 408 388 or info@whitsundays.tours

Pre-Departure Information For Anaconda 3 Whitsundays Trip

Anaconda 3 Whitsundays passenger information


6.15pm @ Abell Point Marina South End . You will see 2 buildings out the front of the carpark. You need to
be on the right hand side of these building near the umbrellas. Either use google maps and Search Abell
Point Marina or refer to the map enclosed

Anaconda III does not have set itineraries, as we are dependent on weather & tidal conditions. When you
board Anaconda III, the crew will sit down with you and go through information specific to the vessel as well as
where you may be going in the coming days. We will do our best to visit the advertised locations, however
sometimes this is not a possibility due to weather


No large backpacks or suitcases or any bags with zips are allowed on Anaconda III, please bring open bags like
you see in supermarkets. Every hostel and accommodation venue in Airlie beach has bag storage starting at $5
for when you are on-board Anaconda III.

• In a small soft bag (enviro safe), we suggest that you bring the following –
• Light Clothing / Warm clothing in cooler months (May – September) Swimsuit & Hat
• Sunscreen (SPF 30+ highly recommended) Bath Towel, Beach Towel & Sunglasses
• Insect Repellent
• Favourite Music
• All meals are included except dinner on the first night. However, if you think the fresh air & awesome
activities might make you extra hungry, you may want to bring crisps, chocolates & other small snack type

• Glass bottles, sleeping bags or pillows, Passport, Travel Documents
• Bags with zips
• Shampoo and Conditioner (for environmental purposes)
• Plastic Bags (They kill our wildlife and smother our coral!)
• Anaconda III is not responsible for any property you take on board the vessel. In particular, we strongly
encourage you to take waterproof cameras rather than expensive digital cameras. Your electrical equipment
will be ruined if it comes in contact with seawater.

Welcome to the tropics! Although our winters are unbeatable in terms of weather, our summers can be very
hot and wet. November – March can be extremely hot and humid, especially downstairs on a boat. Unless you
are accustomed to living in this climate, you
may find it slightly uncomfortable, especially at night when you are sleeping. Please be prepared for this. We
do our best to ensure that our air-conditioning is set appropriately, however in the heat of summer
air-conditioners do struggle with regulating temperature.

Anaconda III is a licenced vessel, all alcoholic drinks must be purchased on-board (No BYO). Soft drinks can
also be purchased on-board. Due to limited space, any drinks that you bring on-board will not be able to be
refrigerated. Bottled water is also available to be purchased on-board.

Dinner on the night of arrival IS NOT provided, however a small snack platter is. All OTHER meals after this will
be provided including lunch on the last day. There should be enough food to keep you going for the three
days, however if you wish to bring some small snacks this is allowed

All tap water on-board Anaconda III is available to drink. Tea & Coffee is provided to you free of charge.

If you are not quite sure whether or not, you may suffer from Travel Sickness please make sure that you are
prepared with preventative medication. As our trained crew, will assist as much as possible in making you
comfortable they are legally not allowed to provide you with any medication to help with the problem.

Masks, snorkels & fins are all included in the price of your trip and will be distributed on board.

Stinger suits are vital for swimming in the tropics. It’s is mandatory for all our guests to wear a stinger suit
while swimming, snorkelling or diving on Anaconda 3 whitsundays. Stinger suits can be hired on-board at the start of the
trip for $22 each, to all those that need them.
You will be fitted for your Suit on-board the boat.

As well as the free introductory to SCUBA experience that you will receive on-board, Anaconda III is a fully
equipped dive vessel that offers diving at an extra cost to all those that wish to partake. It is important to
purchase dives before the trip as diving can be limited to those that have pre-purchased it.

Prepaid Dive Prices
5 Dive – Payable on Board $265 – purchased as a Prepaid Dive Package $245
4 Dive – Payable on Board $240 – purchased as a Prepaid Dive Package $220
3 Dive – Payable on Board $190 – purchased as a Prepaid Dive Package $175
2 Dive – Payable on Board $135 – purchased as a Prepaid Dive Package $125
1 Dive – Payable on Board $75 – purchased as a Prepaid Dive Package $65
AUSI Advanced Course (includes 5 Dives Skills Dive, Deep Dive, Night Dive, Drift Dive and Navigation Dive) – Payable
on Board $269 – purchased as a Prepaid Dive Package $249 . To complete this course you MUST HAVE A Openwater
Ticket with at least 9 Logged Dives
Please Note — there are no refunds for pre paid dives that are not carried out on board . EG – you get cold or tired
and do not want your last dive
A Recreational Dive Medical for certain Medical Conditions is required before participating in any Scuba Diving
* Do you suffer from any disease or have any disability, brain or spinal disorder?
* Have you had ear surgery (other than grommets) or suffered a ruptured eardrum
* Do you suffer from persistent loss of balance, ringing noises or deafness?
* Have you had chest surgery (heart or lung) or suffered a collapsed lung (pneumothorax)?
* Have you ever suffered asthma, shortness of breath, wheezing or used a puffer?
* Have you ever suffered from high blood pressure, heart disease or pulse irregularities?
* Do you suffer from thrombosis, DVT or blood clotting?
* Have you ever suffered epilepsy, fits, persistent fainting, blackouts or head injury or take medications to
prevent them?
* Do you suffer from diabetes?
* Have you ever suffered a diving injury requiring treatment in a recompression chamber?
* Are you currently taking medication that carries a warning about any impairment of your physical or mental
* Are you currently suffering from a cold, congestion, sinusitis or bronchitis?
* Are you pregnant or trying to become pregnant?
If the answers is “Yes” to any of the above questions, then participation in scuba diving without a Recreational
Diving Medical certificate (you will need to see a doctor to get one of these) is not allowed.

We can cater for a large number of dietary requirements with the right amount of warning, please inform us of
any dietary requirements when you check in if you have not already done so with your travel agent all special
dietary requirements will incur a $10 fee.

Customer cancellations made within 21 days of departure will forfeit 100% of the full price of the sailing
holiday. Customers wishing to change their date are subject to a $50 date change fee. Cancellations that occur
from acts of god eg. bad weather is entitled to a full refund of the cost of the sailing holiday. Please consult
your travel agent in this event.

Abell Point Marina has a large amount of parking available for those that have vehicles. This car park is
patrolled by security 24 hours a day. Cost of parking is $10 per day per vehicle.

We strongly encourage all guests travel with travel insurance with coverage for the following situations:
Damaged Property (You will be on a boat surrounded by sea water!)
Medical Emergencies, Including Ambulance Cover, Travel Cancellation & Interruption

Please ensure that you read all the above material carefully and the map below, you check in the meeting
place stated at the top of this document at Abell point marina (south end meeting point) at 6.15pm on the day
of departure, please wait at this point until a crew member arrives (they will call for Anaconda III) to check you
in and take you to the boat.
It will take you 15-20 mins to walk there from the main street of Airlie Beach. If the ocean is on your
right-hand side, you are walking in the right direction.

We look forward to seeing you on Anaconda 3 Whitsundays Soon

SEE WHITSUNDAYS ABN 64 099 548 713 operates the vessel known as Anaconda 3  (See Whitsundays Vessel). The following terms and conditions apply to travel by you on any See Whitsundays Vessel .

All prices are shown in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST. Prices are valid from 1st April 2017.

All See Whitsundays Vessel departures, itineraries and in water activities are subject to weather and may be changed or cancelled at See Whitsundays discretion. See Whitsundays reserves the right to substitute vessels without notice at any time and for any reason.

See Whitsundays reserves the right to cancel any trip, or reduce trip duration, in any circumstances, including those which pose a safety risk to you, the See Whitsundays  vessel or crew, such as severe weather, including cyclones.

See Whitsundays cannot guarantee in water activities (such as swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving) due to weather or water conditions these may be changed or cancelled at See Whitsundays discretion.

If an See Whitsundays trip is cancelled by See Whitsundays prior to or on the scheduled departure date, you will be referred back to the travel agent through which you booked your trip on an See Whitsundays Vessel.

If your trip duration is reduced during the trip due to Unforeseen Circumstances, you may be offered a future trip on an See Whitsundays Vessel, at no cost to you, depending on the amount of time by which your original trip on an See Whitsundays Vessel was reduced and, subject to availability. You acknowledge that “Unforseen Circumstances” includes but is not limited to the following; inclement weather, issues pertaining to the See Whitsundays  Vessel and any medical emergency, such as injury to guests or crew.

You acknowledge that if you cancel your travel on an See Whitsundays Vessel less than 21 days before the trip departure date, this will result in the forfeiture by you of the full trip price.

If you request a transfer of a trip departure date up to at least 72 hours before the day of scheduled departure this will incur a $50 transfer fee. No Transfers will be accepted under this 72 hr. period

We recommend you take out travel insurance

You acknowledge that travel with, and the recreational services provided by, See Whitsundays (such as all in water activities, sailing and bushwalking) involve risk, including in particular a risk of being stung or bitten by jellyfish and other marine creatures or native fauna. You are advised to wear a stinger suit at all times you are in the water.

Whilst we make every effort to safeguard our passengers travelling on  See Whitsundays Vessels, you acknowledge and agree that See Whitsundays is not liable to you for personal injury, aggravation of any existing injury or condition, mental injury, contraction of any disease, loss (direct, indirect or consequential) or death (including but not limited to from jellyfish stings) resulting from the recreational services provided by See Whitsundays, and See Whitsundays hereby excludes absolutely all such liability to you.

Where the Competition and Consumer Act (CCA) consumer guarantees apply you also acknowledge and agree that the liability of See Whitsundays for any breach of those consumer guarantees is excluded to the maximum extent possible under section 64A of the Australian Consumer Law and 139A of the CCA, where you are killed, injured (physically or mentally) or contract a disease, or an existing disease is aggravated, arising from your trip on an See Whitsundays Vessel.

Your agreement with See Whitsundays is subject to the laws of Queensland, Australia If any of these terms is unreasonable or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, it shall be severed and the remaining terms will not be affected in any way.

Anaconda 3 Whitsundays – See Whitsundays March 2017

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